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Searching For Ghosts: The Case Of Nancy Lynn Blankenship

Feb 25, 2018

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 I want to lay out everything we have found out so far in a single episode. Having this compiled together will give us a better understanding of just how much circumstantial evidence there is that points in one direction.

The second thing I want to drive home is the fact that all of this happened in roughly a two month time frame.  

And the last thing I want to shine some light on is this: There was a reason why Jonnie and Lori were so perceptive about the exact times that certain things happened in 2001. Apparently everyone, including Bethany herself, had an uneasy feeling about this second visitation with Larry.

If you have any information about Bethany Markowski, no matter how small you think it is, call 1-800-THE LOST

National Center For Missing And Exploited Children

Tennessee Missing Children's Day Vigil